Endurance Doors

Endurance Doors

Endurance doors are renowned for their strength and security due to a cutting-edge approach to composite door design. A 48mm thick solid timber core means an Endurance door is up to 10% thicker than most other doors on the market, making an Endurance door the natural choice for home security and homeowner peace of mind.


Why choose our composite doors

48mm Solid Timber Core

For your complete peace of mind, all of our composite front doors are manufactured using a unique 48mm solid timber core. This means they are up to 10% thicker than most other composite doors on the market. Endurance composite doors are renowned for their strength and security, our 48mm thick cross-bonded veneered laminated solid timber core delivers unrivalled strength and dimensional stability and is a natural choice for high security, providing our homeowners peace of mind. Endurance doors are made up of 17 laminations making the door nearly 10% thicker than most composite doors. By investing in our doors, you’ll be able to enjoy an unrivalled degree of security and performance.

Outclassing The Rest

Many composite doors on the market utilise a traditional ‘stile and rail’ internal subframe, which offers inferior performance when compared to the Endurance solid LVL core. This is important to note when you’re looking for a new door for your home. Stile and rail sub-frames are usually filled with either a PU foam core, or a mix-species timber core. This notably reduces the inherent strength of the door, and can even result in some doors bowing due to the lack of structural integrity. With the Endurance design, you can be sure that security and strength are never affected by a poorly designed sub-frame. We know that feeling safe in your home is a priority for you, which is why we make it a priority for us.

What Makes the Timber Core Design Different?

Built to Last

Endurance is not just in our name. Due to the inherent thickness of our composite doors, they can offer a much higher lifespan than conventional composite door designs. Outdated designs can often warp out of shape over time, effecting door performance and appearance. As our timber core comprises laminated layers, you will not have to worry about this happening in your home. This core is further enhanced with our unique Moisture Barrier System, which works to protect your door against water damage and delamination

Sledgehammer Tested

To ensure all Endurance doors operate to modern standards, we test them in accordance with common burglary techniques. We have even put our doors through a sledgehammer testing process, showing how difficult it would be to create in a hole in the door that you choose. Our commitment to ensuring you, your family and your property remain safe is made clear with our cutting-edge door design.

BBA Accredited Kervo LVL Timber Core

Kerto is a laminated veneered lumber (LVL) that delivers unrivalled strength and dimensional stability. The engineered layup comprises cross-bonded veneers that enhance lateral strength and stiffness. This intelligent and modern design makes it the natural choice for high security composite entrance doors. Kerto products are CE marked and certified by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, no 184/03.

Over 70 Unique Designs

Our impressive selection of door styles is sure to provide you with you are after. If you’re unsure what door would suit your home, let our range be your source of inspiration.

Composite Doors to Suit Every Property

From new homes to old, from period to heritage, we know that getting the perfect composite door to your property isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process. This is why we offer three ranges of composite doors, Classic Collection, Urban Collection and Country Collection, to give you the freedom to find the right one for you. So, take your time and have a browse through the styles that we have to find a beautiful door that will make you feel safer, warmer and more comfortable in your home. Endurance Doors have a wide variety of classic doors inspired by the Georgian and Victorian eras. Ideal for the most traditional looking property, this collections offers all the benefits and features of modern security whilst maintaining a traditional look. With 20 doors to choose from, all available in our 17 amazing colours with the option for matching coloured frames, you’re sure to find something to suit your home. Endurance Doors have a wide variety of classic doors inspired by the Georgian and Victorian eras. Ideal for the most traditional looking property, this collections offers all the benefits and features of modern security whilst maintaining a traditional look. With 20 doors to choose from, all available in our 17 amazing colours with the option for matching coloured frames, you’re sure to find something to suit your home. Channel country charm with a new Endurance composite door from our County Collection. These traditional shiplap styles look fantastic in earthy tones such as Irish Oak, Racing Green and Walnut, and many of these door styles are also available as stable doors. Choose the high security ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder and you can be safe in the knowledge your home and family are safe and secure.

Extensive Colour Options

Choose from our 18 colours to decorate your composite door with a personal touch. Whether you’re looking for something vibrant or something subtle, we can help make things easy for you.

UK's Most Secure Locks

We offer the Brisant Secure Federal UCF diamond grade high security cylinder. The patented locking cam system of the Federal UCF lock effectively combats lock snapping and forced entry methods of attack.

British Kitemark Standard

As one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety, the British Kitemark Standard has been allowing homeowners to invest trust in their purchased for years. To ensure the Federal UCF Locking cylinder achieves this standard, it undergoes strict testing, assessment and monitoring on a regular basis. With this in mind, Endurance doors that are fitted with this locking system are able to offer you an impressive degree of security. When combined with our sledge-hammer tested solid timber core, modern manufacturing techniques and premium grade materials you won’t settle for less.

Secured by Design Accredited

The Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation illustrates a degree of security that has been recognised by the Metropolitan Police standard. Having undergone rigorous testing, the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder has proven itself to uphold outstanding protection against crime. This means that your composite door will be designed with current crime trends in mind, so they are sure to offer modern performance to keep you safe. Carefully designed and tested, the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder is a fantastic option for any home.

Stylish Range of Accessories

Capturing your perfect composite door look doesn’t need to stop at door style or colour. We offer a wide range of high quality hardware accessories, perfectly designed for a beautiful finish. Add the finishing touch to your stylish, solid and secure Endurance door with our wide range of hardware options. There are 7 different hardware colours available, including Chrome, Graphite, Gold, Bronze, Black, Antique Black and White, so you’re bound to find the right hardware for your new solid and secure composite door in a quick and simple way. What’s more, you’ll benefit from an extensive 10-year warranty across our entire hardware range – not that we expect you’ll need to use it. To enhance your peace of mind further, all of our composite doors are fitted with high-performance security hardware which includes a standard six-pin euro cylinder which is anti-pick, drill, bump and has sacrificial cut. Don’t settle for less than Endurance.


Endurance door letter plates come in a choice of 7 colours. The 12-inch metal letter plate has an anti-snap flap which opens to 180 degrees, it meets Royal Mail standards and will easily take A4 size post and the Sunday papers. A secure through fixing ensures that the letter plate can only be removed from the inside of the house, which helps prevent burglars gaining access to the cylinder internally.

Lever Handles

The contemporary designer lever handle makes a statement with both traditional and modern doors and will ensure your home will stand out. Available with either a True Lock or an ATK cylinder, the lever handle ensures your door is completely secure. All our lever handles are available in all 7 hardware colours and will perfectly complement our exceptional collection of composite door styles, no matter which option you choose.

Lever Pad Handles

The traditional lever pad handle is for split spindle locks where the bolts are engaged by lifting the lever handle upwards. This handle makes for an impressively secure door as they don’t allow the door to be opened from the outside without a key. As with all our hardware options, the lever pad handle is available in the full choice of 7 different colours to catch the eye. Whether you’re looking for a striking new addition or something more understated, we can help.

Pull Handles

Add the finishing touch to your stylish, solid and secure Endurance door with a pull handle. Available in 3 different sizes and finished in satin stainless steel, pull handles work well with the more contemporary looking doors. Ideal for updating a traditional property and improving the kerb appeal of your home, these handles have proven to be a popular option amongst homeowners with new builds and modern properties alike.


The most commonly used hinge is the flag hinge, and ours are available in a choice of 5 colours to match the colour of your Endurance door. Butt hinges use a variety of different bearings in order to reduce the friction of the hinge as the pin moves against the knuckle. Not only does this improve overall function, it also reduces the wear and tear for an extended lifespan. Endurance composite doors are sure to be a worthwhile investment for your home.


Choose from an urn or bullring knocker for the most traditional of doors, or a slimline architectural knocker for more modern doors. Some are even available with built-in spyholes for added peace of mind and are available in a choice of 7 perfectly matching hardware colours. We can match these elegant designs to your letter plates and door handles for a consistent finish, ensuring they fit seamlessly with your composite door design.

Door Security Guards

The Endurance door guard is a perfect addition for the security conscious, preventing the door from being fully opened when you are greeting a stranger into your home. These guards offer a robust alternative to the traditional chain option, which can be cut by intruders with a bolt cutter. Our door guards are manufactured from heavy material to prevent this and are available in either a chrome or brass finish to suit your tastes.


Traditional numerals can add a beautiful feel to any of our composite doors, bringing together function and form for the ideal addition to your door. Our numerals are available in a choice of five colours to match your door handle and letter plate, including ‘Bright’, ‘Chrome’, ‘Graphite’, ‘Satin’, ‘Chrome’ and ‘Black’. All of our numerals offer lasting durability and won’t rust or discolour when exposed to the elements.

Composite Door Glass

Whether you choose a door style with a large or small glazed area, opting to let lots or a little light into your home, with an extensive range of glazing options you’re sure to find something to complement your property and your new Endurance door. Our network of preferred Endurance Installers is well versed in offering you advice and guidance on your ideal composite door glass option, as well as displaying complete competency across all stages of installation.

The Perfect Match

As our range of composite doors is so vast, finding the right glazing style for you could seem daunting. However, with our simple to use HomeView Door Designer you’ll be able to find your perfect match sooner and simpler. It’s never been easier to match your tastes. Each one of our distinctive composite door glass options can be tailored to complement any home and any door design. This means that it won’t matter if you’re looking for a traditional charm or something on the more contemporary scale, we’ll have the ideal option for you.

Unrivalled Choice

With 30 different options to complement an extensive range of 54 door styles, you can create a unique combination guaranteed to improve the kerb appeal of your home. This allows you to bring a completely bespoke feel to your door. With such a choice on offer, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a bespoke home improvement solution. From the classic ‘Riviera’ to the distinguished ‘Virtue’ options, each glazing style brings its own unique charm for you to enjoy.

With or Without?

Choose from glazing styles with beautiful decorative lead and bevel patterns or plain textured glass. Whether you’re looking for a composite door glass style that catches the eye of blends in seamlessly, patterned or plain glass allows you to achieve exactly what you’re after. Any option that you choose is manufactured to the highest standards, which ensures they will maintain their clarity and appearance over time and use. You won’t have to worry about colours fading or glass discolouring when exposed to the elements.

Double or Triple?

All our glass designs are either supplied as double or triple glazed units, meaning there’s no need for additional backing glass. Not only does this allow you to enjoy a beautiful aesthetic, it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of modern performance. Both double and tripled glazed options enable you to enhance your home with contemporary standards of thermal efficiency and security. This means you can stay comfortable all year in a stylish way, perfectly suited to you.

Expertly Manufactured and Fitted

To ensure all of the composite door glass that we offer sits in line with our usual market-leading standards, we guarantee a manufacture process that is of the highest degree. This means that will not mist or crack over time, and they will be cut to the exact measurements you require. Once the glass has been made, it will then be fitted by our expert team. Badly fitted glass can often result in draughts and water ingress, which cause problems for door performance and home comfort